LoanGlide API has requests of two types - Unauthenticated and Authenticated.

Unauthenticated API’s can be called without any authorization/authentication header and all these API’s respond back with basic information.

Authenticated API’s require an authorization header. Based on which API is being invoked (Borrower, Business or Subscription), the header value will change.

  • For Borrower, it is a two step process. You will need to invoke "Get One Time Password" endpoint followed by "Validate OTP and Get Access Token" endpoint to get an access token.
  • For Business, you will need to invoke "Merchant Login" endpoint by passing in your email/password which will get you an access token.
  • For Subscription, the header will be a concatenated value of your client id and client secret separated by a colon (clientId:clientSecret). These values will be provided to you by LoanGlide during onboarding. Please make sure these values are stored in a secure place.